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Bournetwyn's Red Moonlight - Africa by MidnightAyaChanRGK's Entertain Me - Blaire by MidnightAyaChanZK's Crystal Sandstorm - Yukon by MidnightAyaChanNorthwood's Smooth as Silk - Wizard by MidnightAyaChanZK's Teenage Dream - Tobias by MidnightAyaChanRGK's Nothing to Worry - Fox by MidnightAyaChanZK's Ice Covered Shores - Arrluk by MidnightAyaChanZK's Down the List - Seven by MidnightAyaChanNorthwood's White Sheep of Zyath - Khal by MidnightAyaChanZK's Masked Bandit - Raccoon by MidnightAyaChanNorthwood's Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Caleb by MidnightAyaChanM!K Cuz I Can - Kenya by MidnightAyaChanZK's Blood like Roses - Rozilyne by MidnightAyaChanZK's Blood like Wine - RedWind by MidnightAyaChanNWRK Combustion Zone - Blaze by MidnightAyaChanDHS Pride of Egypt by MidnightAyaChanBUD's Little Fire from Zyath by MidnightAyaChanSSide Reach Skymal by MidnightAyaChanSK's Dripping Chocolate on Cherries by MidnightAyaChanVortessa by MidnightAyaChanAlizarin by MidnightAyaChan


Okay so... this has been weighing on me the last couple of days so I finally went ahead and did it. I made a new account for my stable that is not a group. I'll be keeping the group open so I can easily organize art from others, but I will be uploading all my horse art on my new account ZyathStablesHQ. If you enjoy my horse artwork, please watch me there!

The reason for this new account is I feel like it's hard to differentiate my kennel hiatus with all the horse artwork I've been submitting lately. I don't want people to think that I'm totally shifting focus, I don't want people reclaiming my dogs, etc.


Zyath Kennels is STILL on hiatus.

I'm not currently doing artwork for my kennel dogs including references, breedings, and shows. I likely won't answer inquiries about my dogs. They're on vacation. xD

Why the hiatus?

I originally took a hiatus due to my summer school getting absolutely crazy. After summer school was over I was on vacation with my boyfriend. Now my Grandma is in a life or death situation after having surgery. I don't think I've cried this hard in a long time over something. I'll be completely honest: DARPG is far more stressful than HARPG for me right now at this point in my life.
I love drawing dogs, and I love all my kennel dogs so much. I love competing with them, I love wracking up titles, and I love all the people. <3 However, I've really been feeling my stable lately due to just how... chill it is. With DARPG I feel pressured to do more realistic pieces, even in my RNG entries my big group Huskies are top notch. In DARPG I have so many dogs to show, so many disciplines, I have references to do, pedigress to figure out, point systems to add up... I just don't need that kind of stress right now.
With my stable I feel like I can experiment and play and draw derpy looking horses without people being disappointed in me. I feel like if I suddenly started drawing all chibis in my kennel people would stop watching me because my kennel art used to be so awesome. People probably already HAVE stopped watching me because of all the RNG stuff. My kennel has totally been eating up all my time that I could be spending with my horses, so I'm enjoying the change of pace, the change of style, and the different atmosphere.

When will the hiatus be over?

My hiatus will continue till I have a verdict over my Grandma. Everyone in my family is hoping she gets better, but right now it's pretty up in the air. She isn't getting any better but isn't getting any worse. If she doesn't get any better (and goes downhill), then the hiatus will expand to give me some time to grieve if worse comes to worse.
I really hope everyone will stick with me and respect my desire to draw something else during this really stressful time. I know that it's my account and I can draw whatever I want, but I've built up a fan base over 1 subject and I don't want to bore you guys or let you down.
Thanks guys! :heart:


Zyath Kennels

Current Dogs in Zyath Kennels--
Our Current Dogs:
ASK Show JC Title Ribbon by AustralianShepKennel ASK GMHR Title Ribbon by AustralianShepKennelNWRK-WME - 3rd Place Ribbon. by NightCurNWRK-WME - 1st Place Ribbon. by NightCurNWRK-WME - 3rd Place Ribbon. by NightCur
Show Name: RCh Ch ZK's Pharaoh of Zestale MH SC HIC-H HIC-G HE QCiS GMHR SHR DR1 ThD
Call Name: Daggers
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Canis Nudari
Disciplines: Conformation, Field Trials (Retrieving), Lure Coursing
Focus: Lure Coursing
Handler: Rika Hanoka, Melody Williams
ZK's Eyes of Zyath 014 by MidnightAyaChan HHK Moving Fundraiser - 1st Place Flyball by Hollow-Heaven NWRK-WME - 2nd Place Ribbon. by NightCur GCC D+P+ Show participation ribbon by NessbeastGCC Dog and Pony + first Place dog Ribbon by NessbeastHunting Instinct Certified - Hare by MidnightAyaChanNWRK-WME - 2nd Place Ribbon. by NightCur
Show Name: FDCh ZK's Eyes of Zyath SH JC CD HIC-H HE ThD
Call Name: Chai
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Canis Nudari
Disciplines: Conformation, Hunting (Hare)
Focus: Hunting (Hare)
Handler: London Meadows
ZK's Sahara Thunder 025 - Joltivolt by MidnightAyaChan  :thumb2
-------------- Retired Zyaths Dogs + Achievements--
Retired Dogs and their Achievements

R.BESTINSHOW by AustralianShepKennel 3rd Place Scenthound Hunt by xKhamsinStables 2nd Place Sighthound Race by xKhamsinStables Hunting Instinct Certified - Hare by MidnightAyaChan :thumb312361756: Best of Breed Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 BOW Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 Winners Dog Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 Fourth Place Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 Best of Breed Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 BOW Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1 Winners Dog Halloween Show Ribbon by HiddenParadise1ZK's Anubian Threshold HoF Sire by AustralianShepKennelHunting Instinct Certified - Antelope by MidnightAyaChanHunting Instinct Certified - Game Birds by MidnightAyaChanNudari Natural Hunter Trophy by PaynaNudari Total Hunter Trophy by PaynaNWRK-WME - 1st Place Ribbon. by NightCurNWRK-WME - 1st Place Ribbon. by NightCur
TD title badge by tuketi
Show Name: BIS RBIS FTCh CRCh Ch ZK's Anubian Threshold JWC MC MH CT NTH HE
Call Name: Jahi
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Canis Nudari
Disciplines: Conformation, Hunting (Hare), Lure Coursing, Tracking, Field Trials
Focus: Conformation
Handler: Melody Williams
ZK's Queen of the Golden Tomb 002 by MidnightAyaChan Superior Canine Ribbon Template by Livid-Star Elite Canine Ribbon by Livid-Star Divine Canine Ribbon by Livid-Star 2nd Place Scenthound Hunt by xKhamsinStables :thumb30261242

Would you enter a show you know you wouldn't win? 

22 deviants said No (Not worth your time trying).
15 deviants said Yes (It's good experience).
1 deviant said Effort show, multiple pictures needed to win.
No deviants said Training images, inspection image, bonus images necessary for placing...
No deviants said Lots of people entering better than yourself.
No deviants said Possibly entering the most popular discipline too.


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